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CaribPix The Caribbean News Photo Agency is committed to documenting all Caribbean events of interest to Caribbean people worldwide. Other nationalities seeking to expand their knowledge of the Caribbean for educational purposes, news value or planning a trip to the region are provided with excellent photos of life in the Caribbean.

Through our website we bring to the Internet, an extensive photographic presentation of the Caribbean . This website is the portal of Caribpix The Caribbean News Photo Agency.

Additionally, we feature guest related information and include links to pictorials of places of historical interest catering to the guest market and a worldwide audience.The emphasis being on "Travel to the Caribbean" with the numerous views of the Caribbean.

Photographers in the other Caribbean islands provide us with timely photographic coverage of "news-breaking" events and captions for our news pictorial section.

We have an archival section with a massive database of Caribbean images. Photographs in this database as well as current images are available for sale through our stock photo order section.

Caribpix frowns on any form of pornographic photography and is committed to providing photos which can be used for educational purposes,for viewing by the entire family and as an excellent tool for research.

All aspects of the managing and methods to bring the aforementioned aspects to reality have been carefully planned for many years. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards possible and employees and contributors were meticulously screened before being hired

We believe that CaribPix is a great creative tool and can continue to grow through continued support of users, advertisers and sponsors. We welcome all contributions to this effort to educate, entertain and uplift the people of the Caribbean.

"One people. One destiny"

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