Chairman of local company Williams Industries Incorporated Dr.Ralph “Bizzy”  Williams delivered the feature address yesterday evening at the 139th Passing-Out Parade for Police Recruits from the Royal Police Forces of Anguilla and Barbados

Albert Pile, Police Constable 2155 of Barbados received several awards including Best Recruit, Most Outstanding Barbadian Student, Student with the Highest Aggregate and Best at Weapon Training.

Chairman of WII, businessman and entrepreneur, Ralph ‘Bizzy “ Williams has pledged $30 000 to the Regional Police Training Centre (RPTC) to assist the entity in the execution of its mandate. This announcement was made by him as he gave the feature address to the sizeable gathering that the funds will be given over a three-year period to the facility which is tasked with training law enforcement officers from across the region. He said that after the final $10 000 instalment is made, his company will review the contribution, with the view of increasing the figure. The money, he said, would be useful in the acquisition equipment for the RPTC and the  training of personnel enrolled there.

He lauded the work of the Regional Police Training Centre and urged the 49 new graduates to carry on the traditions and values of the Police Force in which they serve, and to ensure that the communities they have been recruited to protect remain safe.

This, the newest batch of Police officers to pass out from the Regional Police Training Centre (RPTC) have been urged to never do anything that would cause them to lose their credibility, integrity and honesty as they go about their duties.

Referring to his company’s own Code of Conduct, which he authored, Williams implored the new police constables to abide by the Code of Conduct of their respective forces.   

“I would like to encourage them to understand and never forget that your integrity, your honesty and your credibility is worth more than all the money in the world. They are priceless commodities. Do not ever allow money to corrupt your way of life. It is a dead end street that you will regret forever,” he stressed.

He said in his company he had developed a code of conduct over 20 years ago and because of that, they had lost a lot of contracts but he did not regret instituting the code

While voicing concern about corruption, white collar crime and violence in the society, he appealed to the graduating class to hold the corrupters accountable regardless of who they are.

“Everywhere that you think that there is corruption you need to look for the corrupters as well, and you need to carry out your duties without fear or favour, irrespective of what it might cost you. It is worth doing for Barbados and for the Caribbean,” he said.

“So I would appeal to you, not to pay any attention to who’s the cousin, or the family member, or how wealthy they are. You need to go after who is doing wrong regardless of where they are in society.” he ontinued.

He also commended the Royal Barbados Police Force for the work it has been doing to make Barbados one of the safest places to live and work in this region and the world

The 139th Passing-Out Parade for Police Recruits

Special Events Edition

Wednesday, May 25th, 2016

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Chairman of local company Williams Industries Incorporated Dr.Ralph “ Bizzy “ Williams taking the salute.

Chairman of local company Williams Industries Incorporated Dr.Ralph “ Bizzy “ Williams delivering the feature address

Mrs. Shelly Williams receiving a bouquet of Flowers from one of the Recruits.

Chairman of local company Williams Industries Incorporated Dr.Ralph “ Bizzy “ Williams after inspecting the Police Recruits.

Mrs. Shelly Williams presenting the U.S.Embassy / RPTC Challenge Trophy to Police Constable No.2177 ( RBPF) Jonathan Stuart for being Best At Multi-Disciplines Subjects.