Massy Foundation presented a cheque for $116,900 to the Broadway to Barbados Charitable Trust in support of three projects at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH).

14th November 2016  Massey Barbados Hq.  Warrens, St.Michael, Barbados

 ( Photo at left ) Broadway to Barbados Charitable Trust, Robert Bourque (right) receives a cheque (from left) Massy Foundation Director - David Neilands, Massy Foundation Chairman - Everton Browne and Chairperson of the Advisory Committee, Massy Foundation - Jennifer Branch.

Remarks - Chairman, Massy Foundation – Mr. Everton Browne

Chairman/Trustee of the Broadway to Barbados Charitable Trust, Robert Bourque,

Fellow Massy Foundation Director, Mr. David Neilands

Members of the media,

Good afternoon…

Massy Foundation (Barbados) is pleased to formally announce its partnership with the Broadway to Barbados Charitable Trust in support of three (3) projects at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital over the 2016 to 2017 financial period.

This partnership began with Massy (Barbados) in 2014, with a commitment to be a project supporter to the Broadway to Barbados Charitable Trust’s efforts within the QEH. With the establishment of the local chapter of the Massy Foundation a year later, this collaboration was revisited, and today we can say that it has deepened – both financially and in terms of the active interest with respect to the projects that we support.

Through our Foundation, which has Health as one of its key focus areas, we believe that we have the potential to do much in this area with the right partner. And having witnessed the successful interventions by the Broadway to Barbados Charitable Trust at the QEH, we felt confident that this was indeed the right approach in our attempt to provide support to the island’s primary health care facility.

In this regard, Massy Foundation has committed to support a range of initiatives from the provision of equipment, to support for professional training and basic medical supplies for use in critical departments of the hospital:

Our First initiative: The purchase of a GE healthcare Venue 50 Anesthesia Ultrasound for the Accident & Emergency Department

This portable device is especially useful in meeting the diverse demands of emergency medicine where split-second decision-making is critical, e.g.:

- It can be used across a wide variety of patient populations namely: - pediatrics, pregnancy, trauma and the elderly

-  For myriad medical challenges, including heart and vascular assessments, abdominal conditions, lung tests, ectopic pregnancies, as well as simple procedures where ultrasound guidance can result in lesser complications

- Above all, it is safe for imaging at bedside

Massy Foundation recognises that the $86,000 investment in this piece of equipment can greatly assist the Accident & Emergency Department, which is normally the first point of contact for persons visiting the QEH for medical care. Therefore, if we can help to reduce the pressure placed on the health care professionals who work in this high-demand environment, this could lead to further improvements in patient care.

Moreover, critical to the commissioning of this equipment will be the physician’s training which will be provided with support from the Government of Israel. We take this opportunity to acknowledge support for this critical training of doctors in the use of this device.

Our Second initiative: Online Training for Accident & Emergency Nurses through the Emergency Nurses Association, USA

The Massy Foundation recognizes the need for our nurses, as with other health professionals, to be engaged in on-going training in order to keep up-to-date with the current practices in patient care.

Moreover, this need for Continuous Nursing Education for nurses has become more urgent with the implementation of credit requirements for re-registration through the Barbados Nursing Council.

However, there is a scarcity of specialised courses that can be accessed locally for emergency care nurses; and those that are available, do not cover the wide variety of cases that present in the average emergency department.

Therefore through the Emergency Nurses Association in the USA, Massy Foundation is sponsoring membership for 1 year for approximately 40 Accident & Emergency nurses to access training at a cost of $10,900 Bds. This 9-module online programme is an Emergency Nursing Overview which will provide each nurse with a total of 18 contact hours in a range of applicable units relevant to the nursing care in an Accident & Emergency setting.

Our Third initiative: The acquisition of Medical Supply Packs

From time to time, the demand and supply principle presents some challenges in the provision of some supplies at our hospital. Even though this situation may present on occasion, we can ill-afford to have a shortage of these supplies in critical departments such as the Accident & Emergency and the Medical Intensive Care Unit.

To this end, the Massy Foundation has committed $20,000 for the purchase of medical supply packs. We know that a one-off commitment would only go so far in alleviating this situation, and as such, we look forward to working with the Broadway to Barbados Charitable Trust in fueling greater support for this initiative.

Together, these three initiatives represent a total commitment of $116,900; and reinforces the Massy Foundation’s support to health projects as well as to the Broadway to Barbados partnership, in the furtherance of fulfilling our Corporate Social Responsibility.

Date: November 14, 2016