Bizzy Williams address on presentation of $100,000 gift to QEH

         “Hon Minister of Health John Boyce, Dr. Dexter James and the dedicated staff of the QEH, members of the media. I have been blessed from the day I was born in our beautiful island home Barbados. Even before our national anthem was written my parents exemplified its words by being hard working industrious people who took pride in doing whatever they were called upon to do to the best of their ability. They did not spare the rod and spoil the child. My siblings and I grew up in a disciplined household. I was fortunate to be educated by teachers with a similar attitude to life and when I was again fortunate to graduate with a degree in Electrical Engineering I landed a great job. I was assigned to work on the electrical drawings for this Queen Elisabeth Hospital. I was here from its beginning with deep feelings for this hospital and today thanks to the 800 + hard working industrious people who constitute the Williams Industries team that I am blessed to lead I am here on the eve of the 50 th anniversary of our nations independence to give back some of our good fortune to this great institution.             I have heard many criticize this hospital but I can say from personal experience that I have had excellent treatment here. On the last day of May 2015 I fell on a construction site and broke my leg very bad. Three very kind friends heard about my fall and called to offer to fly me to the US to have it fixed but I declined. I felt certain that my leg could be fixed right here at the QEH and I am here to tell you today that I am the proud owner of a titanium rod. Our own Bajan orthopedic surgeon Dr. Carrington ably assisted by staff of the QEH inserted it inside of the broken bone screwed it all together and my leg is as good as new today. I have had surgery here for a hernia since the broken leg and on both occasions the treatment I receives was excellent.

           I have spent time with Dr. Dexter James and his staff who are working hard with limited resources to have this hospital certified to internaontial standards and that is why we at Williams Industries decided to give this token of encouragement to the QEH. Of course everyone who knows me will also know that I believe that all the energy used in this hospital could and should be generated by the sun and wind that Barbados is blessed with in abundance.

            I urge every Bajan to embrace this hospital because it is the property of the people of Barbados. It is OUR hospital and I urge all of us Bajans to do whatever we can to show the staff here that we care about them and OUR hospital and we want it to be the best in the West.

           To the staff of the QEH is say always remember the words of our national anthem. Be industrious and take pride in doing everything to the best of your ability. You may not have the resources of hospitals in the USA and other developed nations but you can more than compensate for that by showing everyone who comes here for treatment the care and compassion that you showed me when I needed your help. Let us all take ownership of this OUR hospital. Love it and care for it because as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow a time will come when we will all need its help.

Thank you.”

Mr. Ralph “ Bizzy “ Williams  gives the  QEH  $100,000.00


4th November 2016   -   Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Martindales Rd, St. Michael, Barbados.

     Mr. Everett Eastmond, the  NSH Operations  Director and Burger King Director and Ms Susanne Ryan, SBRC Marketing Officer.

 BUSINESSMAN, RALPH “BIZZY” WILLIAMS, making a point whilst his Wife Shelley Williams pays rapt attention, from extreme left is Mr. Everett Eastmond, the  NSH Operations  Director and Burger King Director and Ms Susanne Ryan, Marketing Officer S.B.R.C.


   MR. RALPH “BIZZY” WILLIAMS, listening to some possible words of advice from his Wife Shelley Williams

     After  being a good listener MR. RALPH “BIZZY” WILLIAMS,  is now making a point as his Wife Shelley Williams smiles broadly.

     BUSINESSMAN, RALPH “BIZZY” WILLIAMS, ( centre ), HEALTH MINISTER, JOHN BOYCE and extreme left his Wife Shelley Williams.

C.E.O  OF THE Queen Elizabeth Hospital Dr. Dexter James  giving the  Welcome and opening Remarks as Mr. Mark Roach, H&B Hardware and Big Gas Director ( extreme left ) and Dr. Trevor Drakes Head of Ophthalmology listens.

    Dr. Trevor Drakes Head of Ophthalmology  giving an Overview  of  Queen Elizabeth Hospital Eye Surgical Theatre (QUEST) and the Lions Eye Care Centre.

     Mr. Mark Roach, H&B Hardware and Big Gas Director ( extreme left ) and Dr. Trevor Drakes Head of Ophthalmology.

    BUSINESSMAN, RALPH “BIZZY” WILLIAMS, ( at right ) and  HEALTH MINISTER, JOHN BOYCE having an out of earshot chat.

      BUSINESSMAN, RALPH “BIZZY” WILLIAMS, ( at right ) and  HEALTH MINISTER, JOHN BOYCE having a firm handshake.

       Mr. Everett Eastmond, the  NSH Operations  Director and Burger King Director making a sales pitch about  the special Bag he is holding which is available to shoppers at the  SKY MALL negating the use of plastic bags.


         The Ophthalmology Department of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) today  received a $100,000 donation from Williams Industries Inc., which will go towards the purchase of capital equipment for the department.

Health Minister John Boyce, thanked chairman and founder of Williams Industries Inc., Ralph “Bizzy” Williams, for his generous response to the third equipment prospectus launched by the QEH on September 16 under the theme: Queen Elizabeth Hospital Eye Surgical Theatre (QUEST).

        Mr. Boyce explained that this theme was selected to focus attention on the completion of the third floor of the Lion’s Eye Care Caribbean Centre. Works will involve the re-commissioning of three operating rooms and three recovery rooms. He said that the estimated cost of the fully-equipped theatres was BDS$2.5 million, and they will be outfitted with surgical tables, lamps, microscopes and equipment to manage patients with cataract, glaucoma and other small incision procedures.                            Noting that much of the eye care today was done on an outpatient basis, he said that these technologies would further reduce lengths of hospital stay and, ultimately, hospital costs.

      The Health Minister disclosed that the builder’s work for the project would be undertaken by the in-house engineering department at a cost of BDS$1 million. “The vision is to develop services to meet all the needs of the resident  population and leverage capacity to attract patients from outside Barbados. Medical tourism must become a more entrenched reality as overseas patients can obtain  high quality procedures par excellence with a one to two-day turnabout,” Mr. Boyce maintained.       


 Below is a  MEDIA release provided by the Barbados Government Information Service.