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In a room full of mostly Barbadian manufacturers and suppliers, along with their employees and regional trading partners attending Roberts Manufacturing awards gala at the Hilton Barbados on Saturday night ( June 14, 2014. ) in celebrating Roberts Manufacturing 70 years in business and in the tracing of its history, managing director David Foster pointed out that what Roberts was celebrating went well beyond its 70 years as a company, and dated back to 1937 “when J.C. Roberts first formulated a washing soap in his backyard in Government Hill”.

“Today, Roberts Manufacturing has a committed workforce of 160 persons. Our sales now exceed $120 million and the majority of our products are exported throughout the CARICOM region. Exports are a significant part of our production, with sales in exports being $25 million,” Foster added.

Now a few months after proudly making those statements Mr. David Foster was now celebrated  by his workmates, management and a few visiting  well wishers as he was now departing a company which he served faithfully for 22 years.

I was amazed at the comradery he had with every employee there and asked him how he was able to have all wishing him well and he explained to me that  he did not start there at the top but in the factory as an ordinary worker and so he was able to interface with them well throughout his 22 years there.

He went on to  tell me that even though he was now officially retired that  from time to time he might be there in a Consultant as he was a trained engineer.

I have known him for many years through his close connection to the Horse Racing Fraternity and I personally wish David Foster a happy retirement

( Story and photos by David Crichlow. )

Retirement of David Foster
Managing Director
Roberts Manufacturing
 Friday, September 26th, 2014.