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Columbus, operators of FLOW and CBS cleans up close to 300 pounds of garbage

Staff and family members of Columbus Barbados, operators of Flow and Columbus Business Solution (CBS), headed out to Foul Bay, St Philip early this morning to participate in the clean-up and celebration of the island’s coast line. Starting at 6 a.m., the group of more than two dozen collected close to 300 pounds of garbage in less than three hours.   

The initiative, which is in its second year in association with the Caribbean Youth Environment Network and the International Coastal Clean-up, is the kick off to the Columbus Barbados’ Health & Safety Week 2014 and participation in International Coastal Cleanup Day - a dedicated improvement of beaches, coastal regions and surrounding areas globally.  

Vice president of sales, marketing and communications eastern Caribbean, Shelly Ann Hee Chung said, “We are lucky in Barbados to have such a valuable natural resource as our beautiful coastline. Besides the average litter of things like plastic, food containers and bottles, we also collected tossed away anchors, broken furniture and appliances. It is in the national interest that we all try to protect and improve the high quality of our coastline”.  

Barbados has a coastline of 97 km (or 60 miles) in length, of which Foul Bay takes up a relatively long and wide section on the south east coast of the island. However, because it is considered one of the most beautiful expanse of white sandy beaches, overlooked by rugged cliffs, and partly shaded by Casuarina and palm trees, it makes it a popular spot on weekends and holidays for picnics and family outings, which also means, lots of litter left behind.   

“A healthy coastline means a healthy Barbados. Its cleanup and protection is vital as it hosts the most important sources of economic activity, providing food, energy production, commerce, recreation, as well as community resiliency from storm surges,” Mrs. Hee Chung added.  

Manager of human resources Paula Walcott noted, “for the remainder of the week, Columbus Barbados will be participating in a number of other initiatives to celebrate Health & Safety Week 2014, including health screenings, education on nutrition and safety at work, physical activities like road tennis and hiking; and to culminate the week, staff will join the Heart and Stroke

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Foundation of Barbados and BajanFusion to Pedal For A Purpose in celebration of World Heart Day

Bridgetown, Barbados (September 21st, 2014):  

Columbus Cleanup 
to kick off Health & Safety Week!

Columbus staff members cleaning up Foul Bay, St Philip, to kick off Health & Safety Week 2014