Limited Edition Canvas Print

The images on this page is showing my latest Archival Canvas print commemorating the 50 th Anniversary of Barbados is a very large  framed print and coming in a limited Edition printing adding value to owning one.

A signed numbered certificate of Authenticity is also  provided. Only 100 prints to be made.

The framed print is  50 inches by 29 inches.......the photo area is  40

iinches x  18 inches.

This Archival canvas print is also laminated  ---We can install....… Framing of this type at $3,000.00 -- thicker glass ( special perspex ) and  more expensive frame.

Another with thinner glass ( perspex )  and a thinner- less expensive frame - option is $2500.00 --

If you are interested please let me know immediately

David Crichlow

246-259 - 0000

 The Canvas Print without the framing, suitable for export is also available at $1800.00 Barbados Dollars.   … we can ship overseas. Shipping cost extra, quote provided first.


  Sample Print